Audition Information


Sunday, March 8, 2020 7:00pm

Monday, March 9, 2020 7:30pm

Columbus Dance Theatre - **Bexley Location**

 1039 College Ave 

Columbus, OH 43209 

 Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  

Short (1-2min) modern, comedic monologues are also encouraged, but not required.  

 Please bring a resume, headshot (if available), and list of conflicts to auditions.  

 If you have any additional questions feel free to email the director directly at

 Actors will receive a small stipend after the final performance. 


If you would like to fill out the audition form prior to auditions, please download and bring this completed form to auditions.

Barefoot in the Park Audition Form (docx)


Character Breakdown

 Corie Bratter (20-30): A carefree young newlywed, busily trying to set up and decorate the new home she shares with her husband, Paul. Corie is passionate, outgoing, and optimistic, at times a little flighty or over-enthusiastic, but not a fool or caricature.  

Paul Bratter (25-35): Corie’s husband, a young lawyer with a dry wit. Unlike Corie, he likes to stay in his comfort zone. Conventional. Very much in love with Corie. Sometimes matter of fact, but never cold.  

Ethel Banks (40-65): Corie’s cautious mother who is willing to endure anything for her daughter. A sensible person, she is more like her Son-in-Law, Paul.  Now that Corie is out of the nest, Ethel lives alone and struggles to find her role. She is very sharp, with a good, dry wit of her own.  

Victor Velasco (40-65): The Bratters’ eccentric, bohemian neighbor who lives in the attic of the brownstone, just above their apartment. Fancies himself a lady’s man, a bit of a womanizer but undeniably charming.  He shares Corie's sense of fun and adventure, and winds up in a couple with Ethel after Corie sets them up on a blind date.  

Telephone repairman (30-60): A good-humored person who makes observations on everyday life and relationships as he installs and fixes telephones.  Needs a sense of dry comedic timing.